Price versus Value In The Purchasing of Security Guard Services

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Choosing a security company based on quality over cost - Sterling Protective Services

The purchasing of a service as important as on-site security services, including both unarmed and armed security guards, must be looked at from the VALUE side more than the PRICE side.

The old saying, “you get what you paid for,” is never more true than with security services.

For a buyer of security services to simply look at the price of service to make their purchase decision, will cause the buyer to accept very high risk by employing improperly screened, trained, supervised and insured security guards.

In Security, Quality is Vitally Important

This high risk comes in the form of not contracting with a highly qualified, professional security company. A high value security company can deter criminal activity and protect an organization’s assets, from products and inventories, to employees and visitors by providing the best security officers possible. By solely focusing on the lowest price, the buyer assumes the huge liability exposure of the actual dollar loss resulting from an incident caused by inferior security and then the ongoing exposure to lawsuits filed with the claim against the buyer of providing inadequate security. If the buyer does not due his or her due diligence in hiring a security provider that provides real value, they can open themselves up to the charge of not providing adequate security. A buyer’s defense in a court of law before a jury that they based their security hiring decision on the cheapest price will not bring favorable results.

Low Cost May Actually Mean High Risk

The more focused on low price, the more liability risk the buyer assumes. If there is a loss and it is due to poor quality/poor value security, the organization could potentially be damaged in a very long term way. Perhaps be forced out of business entirely. A company or organization must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its employees, tenants and visitors.

Top Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Once a business or organization decides to make the investment in security, they must make the proper investment in a high value service provider. One that makes an investment in its security officers by professionally performing pre-employment background screening, training and supervision. The company must be highly experienced in performing its administrative and state licensing duties. The high value company must also provide its security officers with high value workers compensation insurance and protect its clients with high value general liability insurance coverage. In addition, a high value security provider will offer superior service by offering its guards higher pay rates, health benefits, vacations and other benefits in order to hire and retain the best qualified security officers marketplace. These types of security officers will provide real VALUE to their clients.

Sterling Protective Services has been considered among the the top security companies in Austin, Houston, and the Dallas Metro area for over 25 years, and we’d love to prove our value to you during a free security consultation.

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