Safety During the Holiday Season

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Tips to help you stay safe during the Christmas shopping season and over the Holidays.

The Holidays are a happy and joyous time. Even though it is a time to celebrate, there are criminals that have other intentions this season.  Crime goes up during this time of year. Theft, burglaries and violent crime increase during the holiday season. People need to be more cautious and alert during the holidays to prevent becoming a victim.

Below are some safety tips that will help keep you safe.

  1. You should always park near a well-lit area.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are not paying attention, you are more vulnerable to an attack.
  3. When you are walking to you car, have your keys in hand. Do not be texting or pre-occupied with your cellphone.
  4. Remember where you park and walk directly to your car and get in right away. Lock your car as soon as you get in and drive away immediately. Do not loiter in the parking lot. You are still a potential target when you are parked.
  5. If you have been shopping and have a lot of bags, put them in your trunk. Do not leave valuables in the car. Thieves are always looking for easy things to steal. If an item or shopping bag is visible, criminals are more likely to break in.
  6. If there are any outside lights not working at your workplace, notify your management. Make sure all of of your outside house lights are working as well.
  7. Finally, if you see someone suspicious contact security.

Being careful and thinking ahead can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim during the holiday season. Sterling wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday!

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