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Business security in Houston from Sterling Protective Services

Sterling Protective Services is proud to serve the city of Houston, TX, providing some of the best trained security guards Houston can offer. Operating with an impeccable level of professionalism and customer service, our security personnel are trained in classroom and field settings to ensure your experience is a completely positive one!

Prioritizing onsite security services

One of the premier security companies in Houston TX, Sterling Protective Services proudly provides Houston with a wide variety of security services and decades of experience protecting the interests and investments of our clients. As a Texas owned business, we are familiar with the challenges our clients face, and are ready and able to meet their needs and provide top level service. So what makes us better than other companies offering security Houston has to offer? Find out below!

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What are our specialties?

San Antonio Business Security

Business Security

Your business is unique, and you have unique business security needs. With efficient, well trained security guards, we can help ensure your business is kept safe. Schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation to find out how to best protect your business.

Building security is a serious concern for many business owners and property management companies. Our staff is trained above and beyond state requirements to best serve your needs. Learn more about protecting your property with our security services.

San Antonio office security

Office Security

Offices are busy areas and typically house expensive and important equipment, information and (most importantly) employees. You have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for your staff, and we can help. Schedule a free office security consultation today!

Business security guards in Fort Worth

Onsite Security

Sterling Protective Services has been providing on site security services for over 25 years, and we’re among the best at it. Our security guards are thoroughly screened and provided with top quality training to ensure they offer impeccable on-site security services and improve your business security.

Vehicles are among the average person’s most valuable possessions, and so it’s natural for many businesses, malls, etc. to offer parking lot security. Our security guards provide a strong deterrent to potential thefts, vandalism and more. Find out more about protecting your parking lot today!

San Antonio Lobby security guards

Lobby Security

Lobbies and other entrance points are key from a security standpoint. A well secured business will use these areas to control visitors and restrict undesirable traffic. Lobby security serves as an excellent layer of protection as well as serving a very important administrative function in greeting and cataloging guests.

So, why choose us?

You'll Never pay too much

We take time to learn about your needs and come up with a competitive quote tailored to you. 

We Know Texas!

We've been Texas based since 1989, more than 25 years! We know our service area better than anyone, and we love it.

We listen to your needs

From the word go, we sit down and hear you out. The solution we propose is tailored to provide you with the best business security.

We're business security Specialists

As we mentioned above, we've made a decision to focus on the management of on-site security, and we're among the best at it.

We continually improve

We're always evaluating our process and trying to improve it, to better benefit our clients. We’re proactive and it makes a major difference.

Our Security guards

We hire only the best. Our Houston security guards are by far our biggest asset. Learn more about this below.

President Tim Dyson

Tim Dyson, President

When Tim formed Sterling Protective, he did so with the philosophy of providing each and every client with the highest level of security service possible. Tim has formed a team at Sterling that understands this philosophy and strives to provide that level of service with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Top quality security officers and business security services

If there is one thing that makes us a better choice than any of the other security companies in Houston TX, it’s our personnel. We provide long term on-site security for businesses, or bodyguards and personal security for special occasions or events, armed or unarmed, our security officers are exhaustively trained, and provide the best possible service, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. This comprehensive combination of screening and training results in the best security guard Houston security companies can offer! We implement careful screening and thorough background checks before any new personnel is hired, and our top-notch training guarantees our security guards are not just classroom educated, but also field trained and ready. We also employ regular evaluations in order to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Read more about our Houston security officers and bodyguards.

Multi-Industry Security Houston Experience

Sterling Protective Services has over 25 years of security experience catering to clients in a wide variety of industries. Our team of experienced and capable Houston security guards and bodyguards have real world training in multiple industries and will tackle your security challenges with efficiency and professionalism. Learn about the industries we provide security services to: 

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Your needs are unique, and although many security firms in Houston have concrete pricing plans, we go the extra mile to ensure that you do not pay for services that are not necessary for your situation. To ensure this, we offer a free consultation, which allows us to create a quote, giving you the best possible price, customized for your situation. Order a Free Security Consultation today! Click the button below.

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