Political Dignitaries

Political dignitaries can rely on Sterling Protective Services to provide protection when they attend fundraisers, conventions and other events, as well as when they’re traveling to unsafe areas on diplomatic or fact-finding missions.

And even in the friendliest of crowds, the potential for an individual or a small group of extremists attempting to disrupt the event or even cause physical harm is always present. Theses scenes can become chaotic at times, and you need a skilled eye to scan the crowd and assess every scenario.


Sterling Offers expertly trained Security Officers in the Security Firm Industry

Our Personal Protective Officers can be in uniform or in plain clothes. They can be armed or unarmed. All of them are highly trained and conditioned, allowing them to make critical decisions when under stress and threat. Our security guards are also trained to interact professionally and courteously with the general public, which can go a long way in the area of crowd control.


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