If you market a product of any sort, then you are involved in logistics, from purchasing of raw materials to manufacturing, inventory, and distribution. At any point along the supply chain, security is paramount to the successful logistical operation. In Texas, we must secure deep water sea ports, airports, railroads, intermodal rail facilities, warehouse and trucking facilities.

For a company to be successful in getting their product to their customer in an efficient and profitable way, it must have safe and secure warehousing and transport of that product with no interference from outside forces. That is where the selection of Sterling Protective Services and the use of our security officers make the difference in your operations. Sterling officers go through extensive pre-employment screening, training and supervision and can provide your logistics operation perimeter security, ingress and egress control, interior patrol, truck yard patrols and monitoring, seal verification, as well as additional services that will ensure your profitable operations.


“I am the night transportation supervisor at our trucking facility, in Fort Worth. I work with the security officer nightly Sunday night thru Thursday night. In the past month, we have experienced a major spike in volume. The result of this has been very hectic nights with a high volume of yard traffic. I just wanted to make someone aware of the excellent job the security officer is doing. He has gone above and beyond his normal job description to help me out on several occasions. He always has a good attitude and is willing to do whatever I ask. Thanks for the excellent service,”

– Dan, Fort Worth, TX