Armed Security Guards

Armed security officer from Sterling Protective ServicesDepending on the nature and location of your business and your individual needs, an armed security officer may be necessary to provide a show of force, which can be an important deterrent to criminal activity. Any armed security officer in the State of Texas must have a Texas Level III – Commissioned Security Officer license, required by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Bureau.

Highly Trained Armed Security Officers

Not only do all Sterling Protective Services’ armed security guards complete this training and maintain their certification, but we require them to complete even more training in making crucial split-second decisions. Knowing how to resolve conflict without the use of force is just as important as being prepared to use a firearm, and Sterling Protective Services goes to great lengths to ensure that their commissioned security guards know the difference. Our attentive and comprehensive training and screening has placed us firmly among the elite of Dallas security companies, and also have offices in Houston and Austin.

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