Executive Protection

Given the speed at which information travels these days, it’s easy for just about anyone to know where an executive, dignitary or celebrity will be and when they’ll be there. While this is good for generating publicity, it can have an adverse effect when an individual or group is seeking to harm or discredit someone in public.

Sterling Protective Services has years of experience protecting people who are in the public eye, and we can provide a customized comprehensive protection plan protection for corporate executives and their families, whether at the office, home or traveling. We have offices in many of Texas’ major cities, and with decades of experience we are able to rival any of the security companies in Houston TX, Dallas and Austin.

If you have a VIP or celebrity visiting your place of business, our specially licensed and trained Personal Protective Officers (bodyguards) can help you ensure that visit goes smoothly.

Here are some of the executive protection services we offer:

All of our Personal Protective Officers are selected for these positions based upon their ability to respond appropriately to any threat. Depending on your needs, these officers can work in uniforms or in plain clothes, and they can be armed or unarmed. Or you might need a combination of all of these. Plus, our Personal Protective Officers always work courteously and seamlessly with local law enforcement.

Before we assign any Personal Protective Officer, we study your needs and your culture to provide the best fit for you with the highest professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.

Contact Sterling Protective Services now to share your protection needs with us and to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.