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Financial Institutions are at a risk of robbery. Old fashioned bank robberies continue to trouble financial institutions. According to the FBI crime statistics, there were just under 6000 bank robberies in the US between the first quarters of 2011 and 2014. Bank robberies have resurfaced as a more common crime and are frequently accompanied by violence.

Since bank accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a certain level of security is required to remain in compliance with FDIC guidelines. Including using armed security officers, banks are implementing the use of high definition motion detecting color cameras, time-locked vault doors, silent alarms, tear gas and dye packs, bait money and GPS tracking devices.

Sterling Protective armed officers receive in-house training on all aspects of firearm use and safety. All armed officers must successfully complete a state training program of a minimum of forty hours including firearm proficiency. All armed officers must also successfully complete requalification training and testing and are thoroughly trained on your specific bank policies regarding incident response.

Hiring Sterling Protective Services’ armed officers will provide peace of mind for employees and visitors.

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“Sterling Protective is extremely reliable and cost effective when it comes to protecting our financial institution from harm.  Sterling Protective has been with the bank since day one and I am extremely pleased with their service.  I would recommend Sterling Protective for your security needs.”
— Linda, Richardson, TX