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The healthcare industry is a growing segment of the American economy that currently encompasses a full one sixth of the U.S. Gross National Product. Nearly all Americans are touched by the healthcare industry in some way, especially during this time of rapidly growing technology and government mandated changes to healthcare delivery. Never before has the environment so badly needed a healthcare security company that has experience in meeting the special demands of the industry. Sterling Protective Services has decades of positive experience in providing security guards for medical institutions. We are one of Texas’ premier security firms, perfectly suited to provide security for single doctor practices, non-profit clinics, multiple location providers, hospitals, and even medical universities.

Security for doctors offices and hospitals - Sterling Protective Services

Meeting the Special Demands of the Healthcare Industry

Experienced hospital security guards know the situation. The risk of violence can be high for medical receptionists, doctors, nurses, and other employees working in the healthcare industry. Numerous factors can contribute to this. The stress and pain of medical issues for both patients and their families can lead to high emotions. Another inflammatory point is the fact that some individuals, either patients or visiting family members, may be under the influence of non-prescription drugs or alcohol, as well as the amount of high-value equipment readily available. You can easily see how these factors could lead to a stressful and dangerous environment. An environment that requires proper security planning and the experience of a team of security officers, supervisors, and management, like Sterling Protective Services, who are actively committed to providing the highest level of asset security and reporting possible to their clients.

Keeping the Workplace Safe and Secure

Security guards for medical institutions are aware that they not only have to watch out for the influx of patients and their families, but also they must watch out for the medical equipment, the patients’ medical data, the medical and non-medical staff, as well as any pharmacy or onsite drug storage. In its own way, medical security is much like any other industry; you want to choose someone who you can trust to do the job well. Providing security for the ever-changing healthcare industry in this modern day and age is a challenge that should only be trusted to professionals with years of Healthcare security experience.

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“Sterling Protective Services is just that, “sterling” (first rate). In fact, our Sterling security guard not only provides exemplary security protection for our large, bustling clinic, but also received one of our Customer Service Excellence Awards. We highly recommend Sterling Protective Services for your business security needs.” — Joleen, Dallas, TX