Celebrity Special Occasions

If you have a celebrity visiting your place of business for an endorsement, appearance or book signing, you’ll need to ramp up your security for the extra attention you’re about to receive. Celebrities often need special protection, not only from obsessed fans or the paparazzi, but also from well-meaning fans who may push in a little too far when trying to get a closer look.


Personal Protection Officers For Celebrity Protection

In all of the high energy surrounding a celebrity appearance, it can be hard to tell a safe situation from a dangerous one. Our trained Personal Protection Officers know what to look for, and they know how to react in a matter of seconds. They also exhibit courtesy and those soft skills that help make the event fun and safe for everyone.

They can be in uniforms to provide a visual deterrent, or they can be in plain clothes to blend in. Whether armed or unarmed, our officers are always certified and licensed for their areas of expertise. And all of our Personal Protective Officers are trained to work courteously with local law enforcement.


Contact Sterling Protective Services now to share your celebrity event protection needs with us and to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.