Professional Athletes

At first one may wonder why a professional athlete at the peak of physical conditioning would need protection, but that’s one of the prime reasons some professional athletes choose to be escorted by personal protection officers. There’s always someone bowing up to them, trying to prove that they’re tougher. So a buffer of protection is sometimes necessary, not only for the athlete, but also for the unfortunate soul who tries to pick a fight.


Private Security for Professional Athletes

Professional athletes are also subject to raving fans, raving fans of opposing teams, paparazzi and generally curious well-wishers. For the protection of everyone involved, professional athletes can rely on Sterling Protective Services to ensure a safe, fun event at book signings, endorsements or even when they’re on the road. Our personal protection officers are expertly trained, capable of making the right safety decisions at a moment’s notice and able to protect their client while being mindful of those around them.

You can choose uniformed or plain clothes officers, depending on whether you want to provide a visible security presence or a more subtle approach. You may also choose a non-commissioned (unarmed) or commissioned (armed) officer.

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