Security Guards for Retail Businesses

Retail Store and shopping center security guards.

Why hire Retail Security?

Retailers are always seeking ways to minimize shrinkage. Shrinkage is inventory that is lost or stolen, mostly due to shoplifting or employee theft. Shrinkage costs retailers an average of 1.5% of sales, which is why security for retail stores, shopping centers and malls is in high demand. Unfortunately, theft is on the rise. Retailers must use in-store security mechanisms such as surveillance cameras and security guards to help reduce shrinkage, or they are basically choosing to accept the loss of 1.5% of their revenue. While cameras are great for use in playback of store activity and capturing theft on camera, security guards are a much greater deterrent of theft than surveillance cameras. Security guards provide a visual reminder and greater sense of security for employees and customers and specialize in prevention. Stores which only use cameras are not able to prevent theft in the same manner as stores which have guards because criminals are less likely to be active under the supervision of a security guard. Hiring security officers also shows professionalism and that your business is protected and focused on customer safety.

Retail, Shopping Centers and Mall Security

Retail stores range in size from gigantic stand-alone stores to much smaller booths to stores in shopping centers and malls with various entrances and exits. There are also commonalities across the industry. For example: all stores have employees, shoppers, parking lots, are prone to shrinkage and need in-store security. Retail shopping centers and malls are all different places to shop and all have unique security needs.

Retail Store Security

Retail security is greatly enhanced by a retail security guard. Retail stores usually have one or two main entrances in the front of the building that customers can enter and exit and one or more entrances in the back for employees only and deliveries. A retail security guard would ensure these areas are protected from loss and stolen inventory, trespassing, as well as other unwanted activity.

Shopping Center Security

Shopping center security differs from single retail store security because shopping centers are many stores connected together which customers have to enter and exit stores in order to get to the next store. Customers can consistently be outside to travel from store to store, unlike a stand-alone retail store with only one to two entrances. Security in a shopping center typically serves all of the various tenants and stores, being on call and available should anything arise.

Mall Security

Malls are similar to shopping centers in that they are comprised of many stores connected together with major entrance points, but differ in that they are contained within a vast building. Customers enter and exit through major entrances in high-traffic areas. A mall security guard can observe who is entering and leaving these areas and the various stores inside. Security officers have a larger area to observe in malls and shopping centers than in retail stores so a different security plan must be enforced.

Retail security is a must and is critical in order to avoid the massive financial costs of product lost through shrinkage. A visible retail security presence or mall security guard can be effective in deterring thieves. Guards can observe and report suspicious activities, document incidents and call law enforcement as necessary. Sterling Protective Services Inc., has decades of experience providing onsite security, and is ready to assist you with your security needs. Whether you need retail security, shopping, or mall security, we can help you develop an on-site security plan to greatly reduce shrinkage, maximize profits and help protect your property, employees and customers.

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