Thanks for the Excellent Service

“I am the night transportation supervisor at our trucking facility, in Fort Worth. I work with the security officer nightly Sunday night thru Thursday night. In the past month, we have experienced a major spike in volume. The result of this has been very hectic nights with a high volume of yard traffic. I just wanted to make someone aware of the excellent job the security officer is doing. He has gone above and beyond his normal job description to help me out on several occasions. He always has a good attitude and is willing to do whatever I ask. Thanks for the excellent service,”

Fort Worth, TX

Job well done

“I wanted to compliment our Security staff for a job well done. There are always two security guards holding the doors for us as we leave at the end of each workday.  Yesterday, one guard noticed a man coming across the parking lot towards the building and asked the other security guard to watch him as I went to my car, which was parked on the row by the street.  As soon as the man coming across the lot saw the security guard coming towards him, he turned around and left the parking lot. The security guard stayed right there until I got in my car and drove off the lot. Although the incident may have been nothing, these two security guards were very observant and made me feel very safe.”

Educational Campus
Houston, TX

Responds Quickly

“I am pleased with the performance of the Sterling Protective Services staff assigned to our facilities.  The management responds quickly to questions and needs.  I would definitely recommend SPS to others.”

Houston, TX

Sterling Service

“Sterling Protective Services is just that, “sterling” (first rate). In fact, our Sterling security guard not only provides exemplary security protection for our large, bustling clinic, but also received one of our Customer Service Excellence Awards. We highly recommend Sterling Protective Services for your business security needs.”

Dallas, TX

Professional at all times

“Our company has been doing business with Sterling Protective for over 20 years.  They have been extremely accommodating and professional at all times.  We don’t know what we would do without their services (and our guards).  I would be happy to give them a recommendation any time!”

Property Manager
Addison, TX

Ensures Saftey

“Sterling Protective Services, Inc. has been a wonderful partner with our organization.  We are an organization serving the homeless and disadvantaged.  Our security needs are significant and varied depending on those individuals seeking assistance.  The security professional we have ensures the safety of our staff and clients.  We are very appreciative of Sterling’s assessment of our needs and their commitment to excellence through their service to us.”

Non-profit organization
Houston, TX

Extremely Reliable

“Sterling Protective is extremely reliable and cost effective when it comes to protecting our financial institution from harm.  Sterling Protective has been with the bank since day one and I am extremely pleased with their service.  I would recommend Sterling Protective for your security needs.”

Linda, CFO
Richardson, TX

Recommend to Anyone

“Our company has used Sterling Protective for many years. The guards are professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone needing security service.”

Property Management
Dallas, TX


“Our experience with Sterling Protective Services, Inc. and their employees has been positive.  Their professionalism and attention to detail has been of the highest caliber.  Our organization recommends Sterling Protective Services, Inc. to any company seeking competitive prices, professionalism and a company that goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

Property Manager
Dallas, TX

Adds value

“Our tenants enjoy the added security of having a security officer when they are open late. Their customers are escorted to their car if requested. The tenants have commented on how friendly and helpful the security officer is. He definitely adds value to our property and tenants.”

Property Management
Retail Center
Richardson, TX

Highest level of protection

“Sterling Protective has been the security service at our property for the past 12 years. Sterling Protective has provided the highest level of protection for the property. The employees of Sterling do a very good job.”

Property Management
Retail/Office Complex
Dallas, TX

Great Job

“The two security officers are doing a great job for us. They are punctual, professional, cordial, very conscientious and observant. They have made suggestions that were value added and follow our instructions meticulously. We are pleased with the service these two officers are providing on a daily basis.”

P.S., Site Security Manager
Technology provider
Plano, TX