Business Security: How Good Lighting Can Help Deter Crime

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Having good lighting can be a major security enhancement for your business.

“A well-lit business is much safer than a building with dark areas and shadowy corners.”

Business security is essential for companies who wish to avoid theft, vandalism, and other harmful situations. There are plenty of opportunities for thieves or disgruntled employees to take advantage of a business, and they can do so a lot more easily if there are rooms or areas that are hidden by lack of light. Since Sterling Protective Services has been hard at work in Texas for nearly twenty-five years, and providing business security to the Houston area for over ten years, we know the importance of a well-lit business environment. We’re here to explain the danger of a business lacking lighting and how security officers can help!

Businesses Lacking Good Lighting Are at Risk

Lights will deter theft. Many people try to steal items because they do not think they will be seen. A well-lit area can be a great asset to any business. Parking lots are especially dangerous at night. It is important to always park under a light in a parking lot for added security. Statistics show that more thefts, burglaries and assaults occur in dimly lit areas. This is a major liability issue for all businesses. As a business or property owner, having quality lighting should be a major security priority.

Good Lighting Helps Security Guards in Many Ways

A security guard has to be alert at all times and a well-lit place of business helps officers maintain safety and security even better.

  • Lights can help a security guard to see exactly what is going on around him or her. Since security guards are in charge of documenting any incidents that occur, it is important for a guard to be able to see clearly at any time of the night or day.
  • A security guard is in place to witness and record all activity when it comes to business security. You should hire onsite security that has the experience and skills needed to properly watch your property.
  • A security guard will be able to tell you exactly what the activity is at any time on your property. He or she will have excellent communication skills. You can rely on a responsible guard for verbal and written communication regarding any incidents on your property. 
  • A security guard will be able to check the lighting in and around your property while doing his or her rounds. If a light is not working and needs a new bulb, a security guard will alert management instantly.

Benefits of a Security Guard and Good Lighting

When you hire a reliable security company, you can feel assured about having a professional onsite security guard available whenever you need him or her. A business security guard will be able to record information and contact law enforcement if needed. You should hire a reputable security company to take care of your business. You want to do everything possible to make sure that your employees, clients, and business itself stays safe. When you have a security guard and good lighting all around your property, you can be confident that your business is a safe place to be. If anything does happen, you can be sure that the security guard will be able to see it and tell management or the authorities about it immediately. Hiring a professional security guard to make sure that your property is safe and has good lighting can be a great investment. If you’re interested in finding customized security for your company, contact Houston security company, Sterling Protective Services.

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