Kickoff Time! Onsite Security for the NFL

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Security at public events is becoming increasingly important.This is an exciting time of year! The kickoff of the NFL season is fun and entertaining. Although, there is celebrating it is important to remember to be safe. The NFL is taking safety seriously by implementing new security procedures. They are limiting the size and type of bag that can be carried into the stadium. For a full list of what is considered acceptable check out the following page from the NFL’s website: It is imperative that not only the NFL be cautious, but all businesses plan ahead for security. All businesses are at risk for criminal activity. Plan ahead by hiring onsite security company, Sterling Protective Services. We’re proud to be a Texas based, owned and operated company, with local offices in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

Onsite Security for NFL Stadiums

What the average fan doesn’t understand, however, is all the hard work that goes into everything, particularly when it comes to stadium security. While you are there to entertain the fans, the number-one priority of every event is to make sure that everyone is safe. This includes the players, the fans, and all onsite personnel involved. In order to do this successfully, you need to work hand in hand with law enforcement, safety officials, and a well-equipped security company.

Sporting Events Need Security Officers

The landscape of onsite security is constantly changing. The unfortunate events of the Boston Marathon tragedy served as a painful reminder to event organizers around the world just how important it is to stay one step ahead of criminals and terrorists. Thankfully, leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA are regularly implementing new security procedures to keep everyone safe — things like metal detectors at the gates, safety training for employees, and state-of-the-art security cameras and other such equipment. In addition, bags and purses are being checked more thoroughly at the gates in order to keep the danger out. However, this and this alone is not enough. In order to keep everyone safe at your event, you need to do more than the bare minimum.

What Can Our Texas Security Company Do to Make Your Event Safe?

It can be hard to look after thousands of people throughout the entirety of the event, even if you have security cameras in place. You need reinforcements for this. A savvy security officer with a well-trained eye, for example, will be able to notice any suspicious activity well before anything happens. The officer will be able to read body language and have a sense that something just isn’t right. By working hand in hand with law enforcement, your security team will be able to deter theft and keep everyone safe. With an entire team of security officers strategically placed throughout the stadium, you can be on top of things at all times and detect suspicious activity before anything happens.

Use Sterling Protective Services for Your Onsite Security Needs

A lot goes into ensuring the safety of the large crowd expected at an event like a big NFL football game. However, when you hire Sterling Protective Services’ well-equipped security team to handle the aspect of public safety for you, you have less to worry about. Instead of being apprehensive about keeping everyone safe on your own, you get to relax and enjoy the game you worked so hard to host. If you have an upcoming sporting event and would like to hire security professionals so you don’t have to feel uneasy about your guests’ safety, contact Dallas onsite security company, Sterling Protective Services!

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