Can Security Officers Prevent Workplace Violence?

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Prevent workplace violence with security guards.Workplace violence is a common problem that can occur anywhere.  About 2 million workers are victims of workplace violence each year, per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.  Certain types of workers are more susceptible to workplace violence such as workers who exchange money, workers who work alone or in small groups, working late night or early morning hours and those located in high-crime areas.  Retail employees and Health Care employees are at increased risk. So what can be done to prevent it?

Implement workplace violence prevention programs

There are prevention programs that employers should put in place.  Many incidents can be avoided if proper planning has been implemented.  Nothing can guarantee that an employee will not become a victim of workplace violence, however there are precautionary methods to follow in order to help reduce the chances.

Establish reporting procedures

Employees need to know they can report any behavior of another employee that seems unsettling to their supervisor.  The supervisor then needs to make sure it is written down and well documented.

Hire on-site security officers

It is important to have professional, properly trained security guards on-site. Sterling Protective Services’ officers are trained to deter violent acts.  They are alert and will report suspicious activity.  At night if an employee would like to be escorted to their car, they should contact security.  If an employee has a domestic issue and feels the partner could be a threat, they should notify security of the name and description of the person to not allow that person to enter the premises.

Good communication

If there is a disgruntled employee that has made threats or made a scene, it is wise to contact Sterling Protective Services to provide security service in order to mitigate any workplace violence.  If there is a scheduled layoff or termination of a disgruntled employee, security should be notified in advance for the proper response to be executed.

Please contact Sterling Protective Services, Inc. for your security needs.  It is essential that an employer protect their employees.  Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their employees.

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