Special Recognition

Jun 20, 13 • News3 Comments

Special Recognition

Officer Demetrius James is recognized for a Job Well Done! While executing his regular security duties, he was suddenly approached by a tenant, who was unable to breathe. He quickly took action and performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her. A piece of apple was stuck in her throat and by his actions she was able to release the apple. He then called 911. The paramedics arrived and said Security Officer James had saved the woman’s life. The tenant was extremely grateful for Officer James’ responsiveness and ability to save her life.

All of us at Sterling Protective give honor to Officer Demetrius James!

Special Recognition to Officer Demetrius James, a fine security guard Sterling Protective Services is proud to employ

Melissa Dyson, Sterling Protective Services' Marketing Director

About Melissa Montiel

Melissa joined Sterling Protective Services in 2007 as Marketing Director. She is responsible for all marketing efforts for the company, including business development and sales for all branch locations. This includes Sterling's website, search engine optimization, and social media efforts. She also manages Sterling's government relations program and Sterling's charitable giving program. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Baylor University.

3 Responses to Special Recognition

  1. Cindel Leos says:

    Good Job

  2. Justin James says:

    Great job Officer Demetrius James! To God be the Glory!

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