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Melissa joined Sterling Protective Services in 2007 as Marketing Director. She is responsible for all marketing efforts for the company, including business development and sales for all branch locations. This includes Sterling's website, search engine optimization, and social media efforts. She also manages Sterling's government relations program. Sterling Protective has a corporate goal to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees and those in the communities in which we serve. Towards this end, Melissa manages Sterling's charitable giving program. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Baylor University.

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Business Security: How Good Lighting Can Help Deter Crime

Sep 24, 13 • NewsNo Comments
Having good lighting can be a major security enhancement for your business.

Having good lighting can be a major security enhancement for your business.

“A well-lit business is much safer than a building with dark areas and shadowy corners.”

Business security is essential for companies who wish to avoid theft, vandalism, and other harmful situations. There are plenty of opportunities for thieves or disgruntled employees to take advantage of a business, and they can do so a lot more easily if there are rooms or areas that are hidden by lack of light. Since Sterling Protective Services has been hard at work in Texas for nearly twenty-five years, and providing business security to the Houston area for over ten years, we know the importance of a well-lit business environment. We’re here to explain the danger of a business lacking lighting and how security officers can help! (more…)

Kickoff Time! Onsite Security for the NFL

Sep 5, 13 • NewsNo Comments
Security at public events is becoming increasingly important.

Security at public events is becoming increasingly important.This is an exciting time of year! The kickoff of the NFL season is fun and entertaining. Although, there is celebrating it is important to remember to be safe. The NFL is taking safety seriously by implementing new security procedures. They are limiting the size and type of bag that can be carried into the stadium. For a full list of what is considered acceptable check out the following page from the NFL’s website: It is imperative that not only the NFL be cautious, but all businesses plan ahead for security. All businesses are at risk for criminal activity. Plan ahead by hiring onsite security company, Sterling Protective Services. We’re proud to be a Texas based, owned and operated company, with local offices in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin. (more…)

Assessing Your Security Needs

Aug 23, 13 • NewsNo Comments
Does your company need an onsite security guard?

Does your company need an onsite security guard?Issues with your onsite security that may need to be addressed, could be leaving your work site, business or other property at far greater risk than you might suspect. Working with a security company that can provide you with the resources needed to keep your property safe and secure can allow you to reduce a number of safety risks and security concerns. The services that can only be provided by a trained and licensed security officer can provide many benefits as well as the highest level of protection available for your place of business. (more…)

Does my company need a security guard?

Aug 14, 13 • News2 Comments
Determining whether or not your company should invest in security services.

Determining whether or not your company should invest in security services.Safeguarding your place of business and making sure it is maintained as a safe and secure environment should never be taken lightly. Onsite security professionals that have been trained to provide a uniformed presence can be a great asset when it comes to deterring criminal activity. Having a security officer onsite can also help with any situations or circumstances that might give you cause for concern and will be noted and detailed in written reports, a valuable asset should there be further issues or problems. Working with an onsite security company, such as Sterling Protective Services, Inc. will ensure you are provided with superior resources and can do much to improve your level of safety. (more…)

Armed or Commissioned Security Guards

Aug 8, 13 • NewsNo Comments
Armed Security Officers from Sterling Protective Services.

Armed Security Officers from Sterling Protective Services.What it Takes to be Licensed, and Why it’s Important.

Armed security guards help to keep business and industrial areas safe. They are also called “commissioned” security officers or guards because they are commissioned by the State of Texas to carry a weapon in the course of their duties. An armed security force helps to give people peace of mind. Texas has strict licensing requirements for all security officers and specifically commissioned officers. Guards can improve safety and security in their operating areas. Some people may be confused about what these guards actually do. They are not law enforcement officers, and they serve a completely different purpose within the community, by securing private property. (more…)

Can Security Officers Prevent Workplace Violence?

Jul 18, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Prevent workplace violence with security guards.Workplace violence is a common problem that can occur anywhere.  About 2 million workers are victims of workplace violence each year, per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.  Certain types of workers are more susceptible to workplace violence such as workers who exchange money, workers who work alone or in small groups, working late night or early morning hours and those located in high-crime areas.  Retail employees and Health Care employees are at increased risk. So what can be done to prevent it? (more…)

Special Recognition

Jun 20, 13 • News3 Comments

Special Recognition

Officer Demetrius James is recognized for a Job Well Done! While executing his regular security duties, he was suddenly approached by a tenant, who was unable to breathe. He quickly took action and performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her. A piece of apple was stuck in her throat and by his actions she was able to release the apple. He then called 911. The paramedics arrived and said Security Officer James had saved the woman’s life. The tenant was extremely grateful for Officer James’ responsiveness and ability to save her life.

All of us at Sterling Protective give honor to Officer Demetrius James!

Special Recognition to Officer Demetrius James, a fine security guard Sterling Protective Services is proud to employ