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6 ways to keep your employees safe

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Help protect your employees

Help protect your employeesWe have all heard the famous slogan, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It really is a true statement, especially when it comes to the personal safety of those you are responsible for. If you have a business and have employees that come and go to work for you on a daily basis, it is your job to try and keep them as safe as possible while on the job. Of course there are some common-sense things your employees should be doing because you cannot be responsible for all the decisions that they make. Still, every business owner should do what he/she can to help ensure the safety of their employees.

What are your responsibilities as an employer?

There are some safety issues that you, the employer would be directly responsible for, especially if your employees work at night. Finding a way to deter criminals is not always easy, but there are ways that work more often than not. Organizations can decrease their liability exposure by providing reasonable security measures. The following ideas can do that and be used to increase safety for your employees. You can use all or as many as are appropriate given your type of business and budget. (more…)

Security Guard Responsibilities: Proper Response to Trespassing

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The Security Guard's Approach To Handling Trespassers

The Security Guard's Approach To Handling TrespassersTrespassing is an unlawful, aggravating and often dangerous activity that is a nuisance wherever it occurs. It can lead to vandalism, theft and many other serious consequences. Further, it often results in customers and employees of a business worrying for their safety. As a result, it is crucial that a security officer is properly trained and knows what to do in the case of a trespassing situation whenever such a scenario arises. Some clients may want trespassing to be handled in slightly different ways.

Security Guard Responsibilities With Trespassers

Of course, knowing what to do with a trespasser is not a “one size fits all” kind of situation. A trespasser can often be doing so accidentally, while at other times a trespassing act might be just one of many repeated and frequent offenses. Still, there are general guidelines for what to do in each situation in order to best prevent theft and other harmful trespassing behaviors. (more…)

Security Guard Responsibilities: Proper Response to Burglary

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How Security Guards Should Respond to Burglaries

How Security Guards Should Respond to BurglariesThe role of a security officer can vary depending on a client’s needs; however, protecting businesses and organizations is the primary focus. Although security officers do not possess the legal authority of police officers, these officers are needed to secure certain areas. In some cases, security officers are armed, as an additional deterrent. For the most part, security officers work directly with first responders and law enforcement in emergency situations. Security officers must guarantee that safety procedures are enforced and use various tactics to ensure protection.

Security officers may experience dangerous situations. For that reason, communication is important. Security officers may use mobile devices such as smartphones and radios to communicate with other officers. Officers must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. When describing incidents and producing reports, the officer must communicate in a clear and straightforward manner. (more…)

5 Reasons a Security Officer’s Uniform is so Important

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Sterling Protective Services Officer in Unifrom

Sterling Security Officer in UniformThe uniform is a very important part of being a security officer. It sets an officer apart from the general populace as an individual in a position of authority. It certainly has aesthetic advantages, but the real benefit of the uniform goes way beyond just the outward appearance. In fact, the uniform is so important, that Texas state law outlines the following necessary requirements to be met visibly on the outermost layer of any Security Officer’s uniform:

  • The presence of a badge including the word “Security”
  • The Officer’s Name Plate
  • The Company Patch

Not all companies, or officers comply with the above fully at all times, but it is a state requirement, and companies that allow non-compliance are in danger of punishment. Their non-compliance should also be a red flag to potential clients. (more…)

SHPE Scholarship Golfing Tournament

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SHPE Golf Tournament, Sponsored by Sterling Protective Services

SHPE Golf Tournament, Sponsored by Sterling Protective ServicesSterling Protective Services, Inc. is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2014 Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. The SHPE was founded to provide a national organization of Professional Engineers with the shared goal of serving as role models for the Hispanic community.

The tournament will take place this Friday, June 6, 2014 at the Cross Timbers Golf Course in Fort Worth Texas, and the proceeds from the event will go towards providing scholarships to local area high school students seeking to major in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).  After the same event last year, SHPE awarded four $1,000 scholarships – SHPE hopes to increase this amount to $6,000 in 2014!

Registration per player is $70.00, the standard golf package includes: Carts, breakfast, lunch, balls, and one raffle ticket, however SHPE is offering packages that include additional raffle tickets, if you’d like to improve your chances!

SHPE is one of several really positive initiatives that Sterling Protective Services, Inc. is proud to support, and we know they’d appreciate your involvement in any way. You can learn more about our community involvement, or take a more in depth look at the SHPE event on their site by clicking on the button below.

Learn More

Sterling Protective Services 25th Anniversary

May 30, 14 • NewsNo Comments
Sterling Protective Services, Inc. - Providing top quality security for 25+ years!

Sterling Protective Services, Inc. 25th Anniversary

Tim Dyson, President, Sterling Protective Services, Inc.The date was June 1, 1989, when Sterling Protective Services, Inc. began providing security services to clients in the Dallas area.  I had been a part-owner in another security provider in the Dallas area and believed the timing was right to provide a higher level of on-site security to our clients.  On that date, we started out with 8 security officers and 4 clients.  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of those original 8, we have grown successfully over the past 25 years.  Employee Number 1 was Ric McKinney.  We are very fortunate that Ric is still on the Sterling Team providing professional security and exceptional customer service to our clients.

Out of the approximately one million or so businesses that open in the United States each year, half of those companies are out of business within 5 years.  Approximately the same number are closing every year that are opening.  Only about 17% are still in operation after 25 years.  We have not only survived, but have grown from our original 8 to 150 employees serving customers throughout the major cities in Texas.  In addition to our corporate office in Richardson, which serves the Dallas and Fort Worth markets, we now have branch offices in Houston and Austin.

Our growth can be attributed to staying true to our original commitment to provide Sterling clients with the highest level of asset protection possible in the most cost effective manner possible.  Each of our employees understands this commitment and through our pre-employment screening, selection, training, and supervisory support, are given the tools to deliver quality service.  We strive to deal with our clients, all Sterling team members and vendors with the highest business ethics, reflected by honesty and integrity in all matters. (more…)

Security Guard vs Surveillance System: Which is Better?

Apr 28, 14 • News1 Comment

Benefits of Security Guard Vs Surveillance Camera

Security Guard or Surveillance System?

We are living in an age where crime is rampant. Criminals seem to become more brazen every day. Businesses have become a major target. Corporate espionage is on the rise, with criminals frequently targeting major corporations to steal their information and sell it to the competition on the black market. Shoplifting is responsible for massive losses in retail, and homes and apartment buildings are potential break-in targets. The bottom line is that no matter where you are, you can never be too safe or have too much security. If you are a building manager or a business owner, you will need to consider whether to use a security guard or surveillance system, or both. Just in case you have to choose between the two, let’s start by comparing a security guard vs a camera:

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras can be a valuable resource when it comes to documenting a criminal act and identifying the perpetrators at a later time. However, your ultimate goal should be to prevent a crime from happening in the first place. Does the sight of a surveillance camera pointing at them prevent a criminal from breaking into a building? The answer is probably not. As long as the criminal has his or her face covered to prevent being identified, most of them will go ahead with their misdeed. (more…)

Does my company need to hire a security guard?

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Should my business hire a security guard? - Sterling Protective ServicesWith the year well under way, it is time to take a close look at your business and evaluate your needs in order to prepare for the future. Right now is the best opportunity to think about business security. As incidents of crime are on the rise during these strained financial times, it is best to be prepared. Consider investing in the assistance of a first rate security company and the assurance that comes with onsite security.

Does my company need to hire a security guard?

Why Choose Onsite Security?

While many will opt for security cameras or occasional patrols, your business security will truly benefit when you invest in security officers who are onsite at all times. The main goal is to provide a powerful deterrent. When potential intruders or criminals see that your business is visibly protected by personnel on active duty, you are more likely to steer clear of trouble. However, if disaster strikes, rest assured that competent security staff will respond quickly to minimize any damages, reducing the impact of criminal acts. (more…)

Five Signs you Should Invest in Business Security

Feb 25, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Great reasons to think about hiring security guardsAs the person responsible for your organization’s facility, it’s easy to think that vandalism and theft couldn’t happen to you. Therefore, you may not have taken the proper precautions against it. If this is the position you find yourself in, consider the potential cost of inaction. Having a security officer on site could deter theft, vandalism, injury to staff and destruction of property, which can be a massive financial blow. (more…)

MLB Requires that Texas Rangers’ Ballpark Increase Event Security Services by 2015

Feb 20, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Security at public events is becoming increasingly important.Sporting events security is gaining universal attention, with the Boston Marathon bombing in April of 2013 and the recent terrorist threats surrounding the Sochi Olympics. As a result of the concern, sporting organizations are realizing they need to up their game when it comes to events security.

Risk Shows that Event Security Isn’t Good Enough

Baseball stadiums are no stranger to security threats and violence. With tempers, often fueled by alcohol, running high at sporting events, it’s common for isolated fights and full-on brawls to occur during games, and if a weapon is drawn, these scenarios can turn deadly. When the doors open before an event, thousands of fans stream in clutching purses, bags, and other items that could easily conceal weapons or other dangerous objects. While the current event security services at MLB games include a bag check, safety measures still need to be improved.